Shopping Guide & About MisterTao

1.Selecting Products & First Payment

      Methed1:  Request item in the search bar
      Methed2:  Searching product through the catalog and specifying search

      Methed3.: If you have a genuine link with the product

    · Request item in the search bar

    For example, if you want to buy Artka jeans, you can enter a keyword "Artka" in the search box (as picture shows). As soon as you click the search button, you will see hundreds of products sold on You may choose it from any seller if you like. 

        · If you have a genuine link with the product

    If you have already found your desired product on, just paste the link into the search field and click "Search" (as picture shows). This same product will be shown on our website. You can add it to your cart and place your order.

The first payment covers the cost of purchasing your desired item and having it shipped to Mistertaos domestic Chinese warehouse. This initial payment shall be settled, When you place your order.


2.Order Processing

We purchase the items on your behalf and store them in our warehouse, before we can send them to you.


3.Delivery Submission & Final Payment

You will receive an email, reminding you to complete the second part of your payment, Which includes the international shipping fees and commission fees, This payment should be settled within 7 daysOtherwise it will automatically refund.


4.Shipment & Receiving

After all payment processes are complete, We'll immediately ship your item and can receive it in just a matter of several days, depending on the shipping option your choose. 

To be better!

Product: gathers more than 2 million vendors who can offer nearly 800 million products.Mistertao enables you to get anything you need.

Price: Production cost in China is much lower than in most developed countries. In this case, you can get much cheaper price.

Postage: Many goods, from different vendors, can be gathered in our warehouse and shipped together, which greatly reduced international delivery costs.

Safety: Security payment and fast shipping. Besides, we’ll help you to distinguish deceptive trade, offer you product verification & evaluation service and perfect after service, to protect consumers from risks of international shopping.

Service: Lower Commission and efficient service are always our aim. It makes to be the leading agent for purchasing from China , professional shopping agency in China,helps foreigners to buy products from So what is is the largest C2C e-commerce platform in Asia-Pacific area. It is titled as the ‘Chinese eBay’.It gathers most of online shopper in China for its large variety of products, millions of categories, and Price Absolute Advantage. On the basis,MisterTao provide shopping agent services, which will benefit all foreign customers from buying on Taobao.

    MisterTao can translate details of products in page listed on and support for purchasing various products. These are what we basically serve you on this program. Besides, we will bring you the latest information, recommend top rated categories and products on and help to find what exactly you are searching. In conclusion, by using our services, you can buy whatever you are interested in China. is founded in 2011 by Company MisterTao Group is consisted of many experienced people, who have worked more than eight years one-commerce business and experienced in online and Taobao purchase. We use our talent to tell you what to buy and which is better. We are energetic and ambitious to be the NO.1 Taobao Agent.