Since the Chinese Spring festival is coming, we will have a holiday from 2017-1-27 to 2017-2-4,most Taobao shops will be closed sequently after 20 Jan,2017, and the domestic shipping would be delayed for 7-15 days.So during that period, we will could not reply your message and process your orders in time. If you plan to buy more items, you can place new orders right now, or you can purchase after we are back from the holiday. Sorry for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding. 

Balance Policy

Account Balance
Account Balance is Only for payment and services on We only accept Balance in US dollars at moment.

Rules for Account Balance
1. Account Balance can be only used on at moment.
2. You can use balance for payment if you have any, or you have to add money at first.
3. It is forbidden to recharge balance by modifying our system files. Any illegal recharging will be refused by us. 
4. You should contact us in 2 days for any dispute or claim in PayPal, or you will be refused to use recharging services via PayPal in future.
5. Balance can be only transferred by MisterTao Customer services. If you want to transfer any balance to Credit card, please kindly send request to us.
6. Due to Credit card fees or other factors, Balance actually recharged may be not exactly with your original transferring. You can contact our services if any doubt.

Once you accept the rules, you have right to do:
1. Request to recharge balance in Account.
2. Knowing the amount added in Account and any fees in advance.
3. Checking balance and recharging history.
4. Using Balance for any payment.
5. Claiming and get refund in Balance.
6. Get balance by doing Affiliate Programs.