* How can I purchase from MisterTao?

    Register and be a member on MisterTao.com. Then, Search and purchase what you want and like. You can check more information in Shopping Guide. After your payment, we'll buy from taobao.com and ship goods to you.


    * How much will be MisterTao commission (service charge)?

    Commission will be 8% of total price (including product and shipping fees). There is no minimum fee of Commission.


    * How do I make payment for my order?

    Order can only be paid via MisterTao Account Balance. You need to add money to your account and then pay for your order.

    Balance is only in US dollars. You can add money via Webmoney, QIWI or Credit Card. Money will be added to your MisterTao Account in 24 hours.


    * How many countries are available for delivery?

    Most of Countries over the world. You can contact us if you are not sure when you shop.


    * Which delivery methods do MisterTao support?

    China Air Mail (registered): includes small or big parcel, cheap and benefit. Normally 7 – 25 days.

    EMS: fast, a little expensive, 5 – 10 days.


    * When will Mistertao ship my order after payment?

    We will purchase from taobao.com in 48 hours after your payment. It may take 2 – 4 days for domestic shipping. As usual, your order will be shipped in 7 - 9 days if no problem.


    * Can I cancel my order before shipment?

    Yes. If your order is not shipped, you can contact us to cancel your order; if partial items are not shipped, you can also cancel those items. But before your request cancelling order, please read Refund Policy carefully.

     * How to deal with parcel returned unexpectedly?

    Sometime the parcel will be returned unexpectedly for different reasons. If the parcel is returned for customs problem in your country or incorrect shipping address, we will deduct the oversea shipping fees from your order total. If you still need the items, we will resend them after you pay oversea shipping fees. If you don't need them, we can not refund you . If the parcel is returned from customs in China, we will resend them for free.


    * How to deal with the parcel not arrived?

    Please track your parcel status according to the tracking number we give to you. If the parcel has reached your country, please contact the local post office for more information. If the parcel proved lost somewhere, please contact us and we will take the responsibility.


    * How to do if package broken during shipping?

    We strongly request you checking the package before signing for the delivery sheet from post office. If item broken, do not sign it. Then we’ll ask compensation from post office and refund you as soon as possible.


    * Do you guarantee the quality of the items I bought?

    Sorry, we do not offer warranty on any items, nor guarantee the quality. If you are not satisfied with any items, please read <Complaints & Claim>. Only if you receive wrong or damaged goods, we will accept your claims. Or else, you can contact us for more information.


    * What products can I be helped to buy?

    MisterTao can help you buy most products from taobao.com, but illegal or contraband products are not included. Please see more information in <Shipping Policy>.

    * What site I can check the tracking number?

    There are two websites you can checkthe tracking info: 



    * Do you offer discount?

    We are sorry that we do not offer a discount,but we will launch some activities aperiodically; stay tuned.

    * What payment methods do you offer?Do you support PayPal.

    We are sorry that we do not support PayPal as it will astrict our keywords search engine.But we offering other payment methods:

    1.Alipay(Credit Card) ----- If you have a credit card,you can pay  directly .

    2.Webmoney ----- http://www.wmtransfer.com/

    3.Qiwi wallet ----- http://qiwi.ru/

    * Why the color looks so different as the pictures of the original link?

    The item may look like wrong color due to the factors like pixels and light,but  please don't worry,  if it is wrong when you receive it, you can contact us, and  we will take the responsibility for it.

    * Can you combine parcels? 

    We can't combine parcels as some reason(e.g. we have several different warehouses so the items of different orders may not be received by the same warehouse). Actually your parcel will be easier cleared by the customs if it is not complicated and heavy.
    Moreover, even if we pack and send them together, the shipping cost will not be saved.

    * How to make a Second payment? 
    You can go to your account and find and click the statement  "You have X order(s) waiting for Second Payment."  and confirm the second payment in the following page,if there are enough balance in your account,the process would be successfully completed.

    * How to calculate the international shipping fee?

    You can calculate the shipping cost by using Shipping Fee  Calculator at any product page, you just have to input the  estimated weight of the item(s) and choose the shipping country, then  you'll see the estimated shipping cost.

    * Is that the accurate weight you have showed in the page of the order? 

    We would pack and weigh the item(s) in your order as usual, and we didn't increase any grams on purpose, please trust us.
    Moreover, if there is any abnormal about the weight when you receive the parcel, please feel free to contact us and we'll take responsibility.

    * Can you add item(s) into my existing order?
    We are regretful to tell you that we cannot add any other item to your existing order because it may lead to confusion when you make the second payment for your order.If you want to purchase anything else, please purchase them in your next order

    * What is the size conversion for the items in Taobao?
    If you want to know more about size conversion, please refer to <Size Conversion>.

    * How to check if I was refunded?
    You can check the details in your balance history of your account.

    * How to cancel an order?
    If you don't want it anymore, you can go to your account to click "Make the Second Payment" and then cancel it after we pack it, but you'll be charged round-trip domestic shipping and  commission fee.

    * Can you change my shipping address?
    We can change the shipping address before 2nd payment,also please check your shipping address once you placing an order.

    * Will you charge a domestic shipping fee if the item is free domestic shipping?
    We will charge you 1.64USD domestic shipping fee whether it is free shipping or not.

    More informations still have to be added......


    If you have any suggestions for our website or there's any other common questions you want to know or you cannot find the item(s) you want in our website, please mail to   services@mistertao.com  and describe the details as clear as you can.