Learn how to shop taobao and save money

1.How do I find my item on TaoBao.com?

      Methed1:  Request item in the search bar
      Methed2:  Searching product through the catalog and specifying search

      Methed3.: If you have a genuine link with the product Taobao.com

    · Request item in the search bar

    For example, if you want to buy Artka jeans, you can enter a keyword "Artka" in the search box (as picture shows). As soon as you click the search button, you will see hundreds of products sold on taobao.com. You may choose it from any seller if you like. 

        · If you have a genuine link with the product taobao.com

    If you have already found your desired product on taobao.com, just paste the link into the search field and click "Search" (as picture shows). This same product will be shown on our website. You can add it to your cart and place your order.


2.How do I view the seller's reputation?

Just under the seller's name, you can see heart(s)/diamond(s)/crown(s) which represent how many points the seller has. Next to those icons, you can see the shop's “positive rating” (好评率) which is rated by the buyers who have bought from this seller. The best performance is 好评率:100%.

Red heart(s): 4 – 250 points

Blue diamond(s): 251 – 10000 points

Blue crown(s):10001 – 500000 points

Golden crown(s): more than 500000 points


Every positive rating gives the seller 1 point.

Every negative rating takes away 1 point.


3.which kind of  products don't sell?

The following products cannot be purchased: liquid, powder, weapons, cutting tools, coins, drug ,pasty and magnetic items, products with a length of over 80 cm and a weight of more than 10 kg. 

We do not recommend to following purchases: items from any seller with a rating lower than 1 diamond, second-hand products, fragile products, custom-made items, products on presale and imitated brand products.