How do we check Products

      After the products arrive in our warehouse, they are thoroughly checked according to size, color and physical condition, to make sure they are just the same as they appear in the description on our web page. Should you buy a blue dress in size M, then we will pack it according to these relevant standards: label M, blue color, no obvious defects(slit, wear, etc.). Additional quality concerns are very subjective.

Please note: The information concerning the material of our goods is provided by the supplier. Even though we receive the physical goods, our support staff is unable to answer questions regarding the material of the goods (e.g. is the shirt made of pure silk, is the bag real leather, etc.). For the same reason, please note, that if you purchase electronic components and require us to run a test, we will not be able to satisfy your needs, since this involves the usage of special equipment and technical tools.Therefore, we do not provide a guarantee for this kind of products.