Since the Chinese Spring festival is coming, we will have a holiday from 2017-1-27 to 2017-2-4,most Taobao shops will be closed sequently after 20 Jan,2017, and the domestic shipping would be delayed for 7-15 days.So during that period, we will could not reply your message and process your orders in time. If you plan to buy more items, you can place new orders right now, or you can purchase after we are back from the holiday. Sorry for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding. 

Complaints regarding product quality & compensation

Compensations regarding discrepancies in color, size and obvious defects

Concerning the claimed product, please provide us with the product link, the full name of the product and the order price.

State the reasons for claiming compensation: i.e. purchased red color, but received blue; enclose photos, showing the actual flaws and discrepancies of the product.

We will verify your application and inform you in a timely manner. The maximum verification period is 14 working days. Once we can confirm that we made a mistake, you will be offered compensation.

Note: You should apply for compensation within 7 days after the date of product delivery. You should check all the parts of the product immediately, once you receive the parcel. The deadline for claiming compensation is within 7 days after date of deliver. Any problems encountered after the deadline runs out, cannot be processed.

In some cases we may reject your claim. All claims shall adhere to the existing principles in this “agreement”. 

1. Products are damaged, but do not have any warranty

Some sellers do not offer quality assurance for some of their product categories. In this case, we will check the working performance of the products, before we package them (i. e. turning on electronic products, such as mobile phone, to confirm they are working). More specific and effective technical tests require professional equipment, which is not at our disposal.

The following listed products do notoffer quality assurance:

Supplies for Daily and Medical Use

Electronic Products

Mobile Phones

Computer Accessories


This listing is not complete.Please, seriously consider the points, written above, if you want to purchase complex equipment, electronic products or supplies for daily use.

2. Product defects, caused during use of product

All quality issues refer to new products. Clothes may shrink and shoes may be worn out after use. We do not accept any claims on used items.

3. The rating of the seller is low (symbol❤)

We recommend shopping at high rated sellers (blue crown and yellow crown). If you wish to purchase items from low rated sellers, please note that these sellers may not provide real product data and descriptions. Due to this reason, Mistertao cannot accept claims on items bought from low rated sellers.

4. The actual size of the product does not match the measurement chart provided by theseller.

In case the product sized on the label of the actual item does not match the measurement chart of the seller, we do not accept the claim. This discrepancy can be attributed to either the sellers faulty advertisement or dressing habits, where ordered sized could unexpectedly be different to the sizes you normally might be used to.

For example, the seller points out that a product has the size XL with the bust measurement being 110 cm, but actually the size turns out the be 90 cm. In another example you might be used to wear size M and therefore choose to purchase an item in size M, but the product you receive may be smaller. In such cases we do not offer compensation, since we do not measure items, once we receive them. Only product labels and any accordance with the notes, you left us, are checked.

In case you leave us any specific requests in your “notes” while purchasing the item, we will personally contact the seller and then place an order based on the detailed product information provided by the seller. However, if it turns out the size you chose still does not fit you, we do not accept any claims.

5. Theactual product does not match the seller’s description.

It is not possible for us to test the exact material of the product upon arrivalin our warehouse. We cannot test whether your product is made of pure silk, natural leather, etc.

6. The parcel or box is in a bad condition and the product seems to have been damaged during the process of shipment.

We try our best to pack each item very carefully, especially fragile goods. However, please note that your parcel may have been opened more than once time(at customs inspection and post office). If your parcel appears to have dents, deformations, signs of having been exposed to wetness and dirt, please open the package right in the presence of the post man. In case the package has been damaged during transit, you shall submit any claims with the logistics company.

7. Falsely placed order (the note left with us does not match the product description)

Forexample, you place an order and your note, you leave with us during the purchasing process, does not fit the product information (blue shoes in size 38, but your note says ‘blue color and size 41’).

If you purchase any items in bulk, please make sure you clearly state your desiredcolor and size.

8. The logo or brand on the actual product does not match the logo or brand displayed in the description.

If you purchase any counterfeit product, it is not possible to verify and guarantee that design, model and material are consistent with the original brand. We are unable to check any product attributes, cannot guarantee that the products’ packaging or tags are consistent with the original brand. Additionally, selling counterfeit products conflicts with customs laws and regulations on the protection of intellectual property rights. Consequently, such items may be detained or confiscated when shipped.

9. Colortone does not match.

After receiving the product from the seller, we check the product color and match it with your order. In case the color provided by the seller and the color ordered by the buyer are not the same, MisterTao is not responsible for any compensation. For example, the product description says ‘light blue’ and you choose blue color. After youreceive the blue item, we are not responsible for any compensation based on adifference in color shade. Sometimes there is a slight color difference, due tothe difference in monitors, which could lead to different colors of the onlinepicture and the delivered item.

Note: You should apply for compensation within 7 days after the date of product delivery. You should check all the parts of the product immediately, once you receive the parcel. The deadline for claiming compensation is within 7 days after date of deliver. Any problems encountered after the deadline runs out, cannot be processed.